Staying Safe For Summer: Caring For Your Pool Deck

Staying Safe For Summer: Caring For Your Pool Deck

When that summer heat hits Apopka hard, having your own private pool you can retreat to at any time of the day or night can be a real blessing. Of course, pool ownership requires a lot of care and upkeep. You are probably very diligent about balancing your pool's pH and cleaning leaves and dead bugs out of the water- but how often do you turn your attention to your pool's deck?

The pool itself is the main attraction, but don't neglect what's right under your feet. The condition of your pool deck can have a big impact on your pool's overall safety, which is why regular pool deck cleaning is a must for any pool owner! When handled by a trained, certified pressure washing professional, pool deck cleaning can keep your property safe and hygienic. How, you ask? Let's get into it:

Reducing Slipperiness on Walking Surfaces

Slippery decks are the biggest cause of slips and falls near pools. Decks are already more prone to slipperiness when they're wet, but what's growing on your deck can make the surface even more treacherous. Algae and mildew thrive in humid environments and can significantly increase your deck's slipperiness. Artificial contaminants like sunscreen, tanning oils, and excess pool chemicals can also make your deck slippery if allowed to build up!

A trained pressure washing professional will use cleaning agents that kill algae and fungal growth while breaking down grease and chemical build-up for easy cleaning. This minimizes the slipperiness of your deck's surface to make it a safer space for swimmers to relax on!

Protecting Your Deck In The Long Run

Aside from being slippery, ugly, and a potential allergy risk, algae and mildew growth can penetrate your decking material, compromising it and reducing its lifespan. Additionally, the very chemicals that keep your pool water healthy can weaken your deck as well. Long-term exposure to chlorine can corrode concrete and pavers, turn wood brittle, and accelerate your deck's aging process.

Sealing your deck provides some defense against these harmful substances, but regular cleaning also reduces your deck's exposure and prolongs its lifespan. A little maintenance goes a long way towards preventing structural damage.

Maintaining An Aesthetically Appealing Space

Don't discount the importance of good aesthetic appeal. Even if your pool deck is totally private and visible only to the occupants of your house, you deserve to have a space that looks wholesome and inviting. Pressure washing is a potent, efficient way to clean up all kinds of stains and unsightly build-up, even stains that have worked their way into a porous concrete surface. The power of high-quality pressure washing can be truly transformative for your pool deck!

Pool Deck Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

Blue Wave Pro Cleaning reliably provides expert pool deck cleaning services that will enhance the health, safety, and visual appeal of your home's pool areas. We only use pool-safe cleaning detergents and protect your pool water from splashback to ensure that our cleaning doesn't compromise the health of your pool water. Our mission is to help you maintain a pristine space so you can feel confident and safe enjoying yourself during the hottest months of the year!

If you need professional pool deck cleaning services in Apopka, give Blue Wave Pro Cleaning a call today at 407-476-1620!

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