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Driveway Washing

Say goodbye to grimy concrete and hard-to-remove stains: when your Apopka driveway is in dire need of a serious cleanup, Blue Wave's driveway washing pros are here to the rescue! As local experts in pressure washing for Apopka, we've got the means to preserve and maintain pristine driveways for our customers. Dealing with a dirty driveway can be tricky on your own, especially if you don't have pressure washing equipment at your disposal, but our professionals will clean up that cruddy concrete fast!

Whether you just need a general clean-up to get rid of dirt and grime or want expert help in getting rid of tough grease spots, our driveway washing professionals can take on any mess to restore a sparkling-clean surface you can feel proud driving up to. Get in touch with Blue Wave Pro Cleaning to get a free driveway washing quote, either by filling out our form online or by calling 407-476-1620 today!

Concrete Cleaning Pros

Concrete is durable so it can withstand continuous wear and tear from being driven over, but it's also a particularly difficult surface to clean, especially when stains have time to get ground in or settle into its porous surface. It takes pressure washing to get beneath the driveway's surface and thoroughly remove the stains that are trapped in your concrete!

Regular driveway washing, particularly when handled by pressure washing experts, can impart many important benefits to your driveway, such as:

  • Removal of Stains and Contaminants
  • Prevention of Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Longer-Lasting Concrete
  • Easier Long-Term Maintenance

If you've struggled to keep on top of your driveway's maintenance needs, our pros would be glad to help you get back on track. Call us today!

Taking Care of Masonry Surfaces

Not all hardscaping surfaces are made equal. Brick driveways, for instance, require a different maintenance approach than concrete or asphalt driveways. For Apopka property owners who need help cleaning and maintaining masonry surfaces, we offer a specialized brick cleaning service. Our brick cleaning professionals carefully remove mold, algae, and stains from brick driveways, walls, walkways, and more, preserving their rustic looks and preventing them from deteriorating from exposure.

Frequently Asked Driveway Washing Questions

The exact ideal frequency for your property depends on factors like weather, traffic, usage, and the type of contaminants present. That said, sticking to an average of one driveway washing every 6-12 months works well for the majority of our customers!

Driveway stains can be caused by a number of contaminants. Some, like dirt or mud, can be washed out pretty easily by basic pressure washing, while others, like rust or motor oil, may require the use of specialized cleaning agents to fully remove. If you're struggling to get certain stains out of your driveway, our pros can help.

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